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What Should We Ask Perez Hilton?

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This Thursday, April 29, Big Think will be interviewing Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr., a.k.a. Perez Hilton, in Los Angeles—and we’re giving you, Big Think readers, the chance to contribute questions in advance. What should we ask the Web’s most notorious gossip columnist? Leave your suggestions in the Comments section below, and we’ll pick out the best to add to our mix. Be respectful, but in Hilton’s spirit, don’t be shy.

Update 11:30 A.M.: You can also leave comments and questions on our Facebook page, where our guest has already inspired a lively discussion. The prevailing sentiment seems to be that Mr. Hilton is not an appropriate subject for a Big Think interview. But consider: the man has become a media titan, even if his stock in trade isn’t exactly big ideas. And gossip columnists originally dismissed as ridiculous or stupid tend to seem more intriguing—and savvy—with the passage of time: if Walter Winchell or Hedda Hopper were still alive, who wouldn’t want us to interview them? It’s easy to forget that even the vast Oprah empire was built on a show once scorned as daytime trash.

Still not convinced? Let us hear about it.


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