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Noted editor Bonnie Fuller has launched Bonnie Fuller Media to meet the evolving needs of her longtime loyal following. Twice named Advertising Age's "Editor of the Year," she's been responsible[…]

It’s not the media’s attention, but possibly a histrionic personality disorder, Fuller suggests.

Fuller: Number one, I don’t think she’s suffering from the attention. I think she’s . . . Because people . . . People are absolutely fascinated by everything that’s going on with her, and they’re following her every move. I think she’s suffering because I do think she . . . I believe that she’s ill. And we’ve talked to a lot of different doctors at Star about her and asked them what they think. And actually my best . . . My best guest after speaking to a number of psychiatrists and psychologists is that she’s got a histrionic personality, which is a personality that actually craves being the center of attention and can’t live without it. And I think she’s . . . And the doctors that we’ve spoken to also think that she is bipolar – that she’s both things, which you can be. So I think she’s suffering from those things. However I don’t . . . And I think . . . But I don’t think that she . . . her career is being destroyed by the paparazzi. Her career, if anything, is being destroyed by the fact that she’s not able to focus on it because of her illness; that she’s not able to go out and promote herself and promote her album. I mean her new album . . . her CD, Blackout, was really good. It’s terrific. If she could have gone out and done a tour; if she could had done the proper marketing and PR it would have sold a lot of copies. But I think there’s . . . There’s still an enormous amount of interest and sympathy for her. Most of her fans and the people who just observe her would love her to get better and to be the old Britney. They want her to succeed. They don’t want her to fail. People are vested in caring about her. It’s really kind of . . . pretty interesting. So I don’t really . . . I don’t think that it’s the media attention which is the problem.


Recorded On: 1/30/08