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Kenny Moscot

Moscot Eyewear and Eyecare Since 1915 has been a New York City institution for nearly 100 years.  In 1992 Kenny Moscot, eagerly entered the family business, with a degree in[…]

Marketing Your Brand

Question: What is your approach to marketing?

Kenny Moscot: Keeping it really dialed in and sticking to what we do best. So we have our initiatives, our eyewear. We have our branded product, Moscot Originals and Moscot Spirit. We have our eye care initiatives where we provide comprehensive eye care. My phone’s buzz-- and so it’s important that we are very transparent, tell you exactly what we’re doing, and connect with a distinct audience that really appreciates what we do.

Question: Are sunglasses the ultimate American accessory?

Kenny Moscot: Yeah, for us again, it was really sticking to our brand integrity, but I think sunglasses in general are a very accessible accessory because you’re able to really have that brand plaque, if you will, on your face for a lot less than it would be to get the suit or the handbag or so forth.  You know, you can buy a Prada pair of sunglasses for a few hundred dollars, but you can’t-- not-- the same person couldn’t maybe have access to the handbag or the shoes.  So sunglasses are huge, and they are very defining.  It’s, I would say, one of the most defining elements that someone can have as a fashion accessory.

Question: How do you distinguish yourself from a Ray-ban or another competitor?

Kenny Moscot: Yeah, I like to think of us as the anti-bling.  So, you know, it’s very timeless.  It’s style over fashion.  It’s no branding externally on our product.  It’s very true to the original intent of the eyeglass frame.  It’s all based on our archives and so forth.  So that’s how we position ourselves.  We don’t need to broadcast who we are on our frames.  We let the style precede the brand, so to speak.

Question: What’s the biggest mistake you made when you re-branded?

Kenny Moscot: Not doing it sooner, but in terms of, you know, I’ve been pretty methodical about it.  I-- no glaring mistakes come to mind.  I think maybe at moments being overconfident, but I would say that would be kind of the mindset I try to put myself in every day.  So we’ll see.

Recorded on: 03/25/2008