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Galeras Erupts Again

2009 has been a busy year for Volcan Galeras in Colombia. The volcano has erupted at least twice this year already vigorously enough to prompt evacuations of the area. Galeras does tend to see cycles of eruptive activity, the last one started in 2000 after seven years of quiet. Many times, the eruptions are more visually impressive than hazardous (see the picture above from January 2008 from INGEOMINAS).

Luckily, Galeras is also once of the most watched volcanoes in South America. The INGEOMINAS (Colombian Geological Survey) staffs the Pasto Volcano Observatory (OVSP) to monitor the volcano as Pasto – population ~450,000 – sits in its shadow. The current eruption prompted the evacuation of 3,000 people living on the slopes of Galeras. The article only mentions minor ash fall but no injuries or damage.


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