Curate & launch custom learning experiences in minutes.

Save and group video lessons and expert classes to support your unique learning programs.

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Build & launch custom curations

While structured courses can be critical to learning, learning managers and modern learners also want the ability to customize their experiences and blaze their own learning journeys.

Curations, a new feature available to Big Think+ platform users, enables learning managers and learners to save and group Video Lessons, Expert Classes, Learning Paths, and Courses for self-paced learning. With just a few clicks, learning managers can publish Curations to their learners’ home pages for easy access to custom learning experiences.

Digital interface titled "Your Curations" with options for different leadership roles and a "New Curation" button, flanked by images of a smiling man and woman.

Empower & engage learners

With rapidly changing learning needs within your organization, Curations allows learners and learning managers to adapt and deploy content instantly. Empower your learners to:

Save content to watch later

Create custom learning experiences for themselves based on learning goals and preferences

Curate content for your organization and launch within minutes.

Stay engaged with experiences that are more meaningful to them

Support robust & intricate learning programs

Take Curations even further by grouping content to match the structure of your robust learning programs. Learning managers can easily organize Curations into separate sections, each with its own name, description, and runtime. These sections can be used to arrange content according to theme, learner level, or specific learning program. Any content can be dragged from one section to another, and sections themselves can be easily rearranged.

Two hands holding a tablet displaying a screen with thumbnails of curated content, including texts and images of a person.

Ready for a demo?

We’re excited for your organization to start using Curations today and get even more out of your Big Think+ experience. Want a personalized demo? Request one now and we’ll set up a time to talk your through it.

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