Instantly connect learners to content they love

Gather interests during onboarding and quickly introduce a more personalized learning experience.

A screen displays a selection interface for interests, with "Lifelong Learning" selected. Categories include Leading Yourself, Leading a Team, and several skills such as Creativity and Problem-solving.
Users can tailor interest areas at any time.

Automatically gather learner interests during onboarding 

Screenshot of a BT+ platform interface displaying four video thumbnails with titles: "Build People Up Instead of Breaking Them Down," "How to Set the Right Tone as a Leader," "A Better Way to Lead," and "Overcome the 'Curse of Knowledge.'.
Users are prompted to select their interests during onboarding.

What’s the key to a healthy long-term relationship? Listening. When your learners join the Big Think+ platform, they’re welcomed with a light and easy interest gathering exercise which serves as the foundation for a more personalized, engaging learning experience.

This self-guided introduction not only familiarizes your team to the types of topics and concepts they’ll encounter in the platform, but also collects the critical information needed for a captivating first impression.

Introduce learners to relevant content quickly

How do you transform a first-time platform user into an engaged content consumer with a real learning habit? Relevance.

Once learners arrive at the platform home page, they’ll be greeted by world-class instructors covering the biggest topics in leadership. But importantly, the experience will be tailored to the learner based on personal interests, offering a range of content that fits their selected topic interests. 

While there are many ways to discover content across Big Think+–including AI Search and Curations — interest-based recommendations can often be the easiest way for your learners to instantly gain insights and value from our experts. Once they press play on a relevant, high-impact lesson, they may never stop watching. 

Image of a webpage displaying two educational lessons about identifying high-potential employees and reasoning in a rapidly changing world, featuring presenters Adam Grant and Ian Bremmer, respectively.
Each learner is offered different content, based on their interests.

Learn about interests across your organization

Profile page with the name "Suzie Queue," showing badge and profile stats, including lesson views, expert follows, interests, assessments, and notes. Features section "My Top Interests.

How well do you know your learners? As more team members across your organization select their interests,  you can observe trends and better tailor your learning programs. Access a summary of interest data across your employees at any time within Big Think+ Analytics.

While the platform works hard to customize experiences for your learners, you can take it even further by assigning content or customizing curations based on what you learn. Thread the needle between your organization’s goals and learners’ own interests in order to build programs that keep learners engaged.

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